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Fainting-Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

A faint is characterized by suddenly feeling weak and unsteady, before passing out for a short period of time, usually just for a few seconds. It can happen when you are sitting down, standing up, or when you get up too quickly, and is caused by a momentary shortage of oxygen to the brain. Fainting is your body's way of getting you to lie down, so that oxygen-carrying blood can quickly get back to your brain.
When a person faints, the loss of consciousness is brief. The person will wake up as soon as normal blood flow is restored to the brain. Blood flow is usually restored by lying flat for a short time. This position puts the head on the same level as the heart so that blood flows more easily to the brain.
A fainting episode may be completely harmless and of no significance, but it can be a symptom of a serious underlying disorder. No matter how trivial it seems, a fainting episode should be treated as a medical emergency until the cause is determined.
Stressful situations, pain and excitement can all cause fainting. They cause feelings of strong emotion, distress or shock, which puts physical and mental strain on the body. Stressful situations may be anything from receiving an injection, to feeling panicky in a hot and overcrowded room. Fainting can also occur when you feel very nervous, or after witnessing a shocking or unexpected event.
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Entry kali ni dimulakan dengan article dari tentang pengsan. Sebenarnya semalam sebaik saja saya menjejakkan kaki ke dalam cimbbank tmn u, saya nampak beberapa orang sedang mengangkat seorang budak perempuan yang kelihatan seperti remaja, yang pengsan semasa nak bank-in duit dlm cash deposit. Mula-mula hati berkata, isk2 kesiannya budak tu pengsan..tapi biarlah ramai orang nak tolong lepas tu baru terfikir, eh macam mana kalau tak ade org yang nak bertanggungjawab dgn budak tu, lps tu ade org jahat ambil kesempatan? And i got 3 sisters yang lebih kurang sebaya dgn budak tu, what if the same thing happen to my sisters and nobody is willing to help?
Maka saya pun menuju ke kerusi tempat budak tu baring dan bertanya-tanya dengan org yg angkat tu, semua kata tak tahu, tak kenal and tell me that this girl was alone. She was really pale. Kuning pucat! So I said, boleh tak tolong angkat budak ni and letak dlm kereta saya kat depan bank ni, saya nak bawa dia ke klinik. And a guy yang wajahnya agak scary mengangkat budak tu msk dlm kereta tanpa berkata sepatah kata pun. (wajahnya saja scary with the earings and all but at least he is willing to help!).
Yang kelakarnya, lepas dah masukkan budak tu dlm kereta, baru perasan rupanya klinik depan je dgn kete saya..huhu..maka budak tu pun diangkat lagi oleh that guy tu ke dalam klinik diikuti oleh seorang lagi lelaki cina yang follow kitorang dari bank. Masuk-masuk dalam klinik, Doktor tak ade rupenye, bile nurse call, doktor tak boleh balik sebab tengah makan! saba je laaa..
So kitorang buat ape yang boleh. The nurse take her blood pressure and its a bit low but still it is not severe 100/60. And i took some water, baca selawat and sapu kat muka dia..barulah dia sedar sikit-sikit and terpinga-pinga tanya kat mana dia. She was totally unconscious..MasyaAllah..cubalah bayangkan kalau ada orang yang pura-pura nak tolong dia tapi sebenarnya culik and bawa lari dia ke mana-mana..mujurlah dia selamat.
So I was like interviewing her and tell her how the things were going when she was unconscious. She totally have no idea on how did it happened. She's 17 years old and the school got an off day today. She said that she go there by bike to bank in some money. When I told her that her money was all in her pocket, she was relieved. I'd like to take her to the other clinic because the chinese man said that she might knock her head on the floor when she fainted but she refuse and wanted to go home by her bike. I insist to send her home and ask her to take her bike later since it was really hot outside and i'm afraid she might have fainted again.
So I took her home and meet her mother and tell her everything. Later in evening, I text her and she said that she's getting better and thanked me for helping.
I don't know why did she fainted since i'm not a medical line person..hehe..but i guess its because of the sudden change of environment from extremely hot outside plus riding a bike to the cool air conditioned room in cimb and that cause momentary shortage of oxygen to the brain. But please correct me if i'm wrong. I think everybody would be afraid if the same thing happen to us. I mean, its alright if we met a good person, but what if not?

Till then.
Ms. Cekodok

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