Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PhD PhD PhD.........

owh PhD...

untuk beberapa bulan kebelakangan ni, kami sibuk memikirkan tempat untuk sambung phd..we can choose whether to further in local or overseas..malah dekan lebih suggest supaya blaja oversea...tiba-tiba sang sv kepada suami mencadangkan Jepun..maka kami pun intai-intai peluang phd di jepun..menghubungi ex-schoolmate di sana utk prosedur...

hby kata : tapi di jepun selalu earthquake.
me says : ala xpe jepun teknologi tinggi, they can handle the earthquake..

tup tup 3,4 hari selepas tu, berlaku earthquake dan tsunami yang terbesar dalam sejarah jepun..that cause thousands of people losing their battle..there you go huda, Allah shows you what He can do in a blink of an eye..I felt awful at that time, knowing that I was saying what I wasn't supposed to...seolah-olah mencabar kuasa Tuhan yang Maha Besar...Ya Allah ampunkan aku...

Ibu di kampung mulai risau, dengan earthquake di NZ and Japan, dan banjir di Queensland..seperti kata hby, bumi kita sudah tua, dah tak stabil lag...ibu cadangkan buat PhD di Malaysia saja..ya kami juga mula fikir begitu..bukan apa, kalau berlaku sesuatu di sana walaupun keadaan kita selamat, mesti sukar nak hubungi on the spot juga kan? maka tak ke melibatkan 2 keluarga besar yang risau?

mulanya saya fikir, owh ruginya tak sambung di luar sedangkan dah ada peluang..sekali seumur hidup..tapi setelah ditimbang tara, memang belajar di Malaysia lebih banyak untungnya, dari segi safety, money wise, savings, long-term planning dan yang penting sekali, dapat jenguk dan bantu keluarga selalu..maklumlah, dua-dua pun masih orang kuat dalam keluarga, adik-adik pun ramai yang belajar lagi..susahla diorang nak mintak tolong kalau kakak dan abang kesayangan ni belajar di luar kan..

Semalaman sehingga pagi tadi, membaca blog kak dilla, seorang pelajar phd di uk, struggling with her phd, ovari cancer, and also pregnancy....saya betul-betul mengagumi determination dan kekuatan diri kak dilla, lebih2 lagi dalam mengharungi karenah phd...tapi betul kata kak dila, hidup di negara orang bukan seindah yang disangka, bukan seindah gambar-gambar di FB...itu semua hanya mainan mata..saya boleh pilih jalan yang lebih mudah, cuma mungkin kurang menarik di mata orang lain..tapi apa guna mata mereka kan? yang mengharung adalah kita.

Oversea :
pros : good supervisory (memang bagus pun compared to local), tapi kalau sv tak ok boleh jadi patah balik ke msia mcm sorang fellow ump tu..hmm..boleh jalan-jalan, nampak mcm best je sbb blaja kat oversea, family boleh bangga sket "akak saya blaja kat oz, abg sy blaja kt uk, anak sy blaja kat jepun" owh itu riak namanya, Astaghfirullahalaziim...

cons : perlu take time untuk biasakan diri dgn sistem baru, perlu berjimat cermat (i mean saaaangat berjimat sbb elaun sikit), rumah dan kereta seadanya je, tak boleh savings sebanyak di malaysia, susah nak bagi duit kat family, susah nak balik

Local :
pros : supervisor melayu, mudah communicate, rumah kereta dah ada, boleh start planning hidup masa depan dgn investment and savings, boleh start bisnes, elaun walaupun tak banyak tapi masih banyak lebih sbb cost hidup rendah di utp, dah biasa dgn sistem utp, senang balik kampung

cons : mcm x best je phd local, dah dapat peluang kenapa tak pegi? kalau pegi kan kitorang boleh jalan2 tumpang sekaki...tak dapat membanggakan ibubapa kerana anak tak blaja kat oversea, ok ape utp ni kan kat toronto..haha

hmmm..still juggling to make a decision...istikharah mungkin penyelesaian terbaik :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Attention to all women : Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Last Monday, I watched "Vitamin" in KBSWorld. It's basically an informative program on health issues. That episode was about CERVICAL CANCER which attracts me more since it's specifically talks about women. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in Malaysian women and also the second to breast cancer that kills women worldwide.

Harald Zur Hausen
Nobel Prize Winner of Physiology and Medicine 2008

One thing that I captured from the program is that people who has family with urinary cancer need to be cautious since it increase about 10% of the possibility to get cervical cancer.And person who did not give birth or breastfeed before 30 also have higher chances since they have more female hormones(Please correct me if I'm wrong). And there are more risk factors that can get you into cervical cancer but the most known factor is HPV. Thanks to the German Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Harald Zur Hausen who conducted a research that helped to link HPV to cervical cancer which eventually leads to the development of the vaccine to prevent the disease. And as a matter of fact, cervical cancer is the only cancer with vaccination. Alhamdulillah. May Allah give them guidance to produce more vaccination in future :)

This vaccine is illegible for women from 9 to 55 years old. U can still take it even if you have got married with children. It haven't been proved that it will be harmful to pregnant women, but it is advisable not to take them when you are pregnant. There are three injections that should be taken within 6 months.

1st injection - 2 to 3 months gap - 2nd injection - 2 to 3 months gap - 3rd injection.

But in case you got pregnant after the 1st and 2nd injection, you can still continue the 3rd injection after u give birth as long as it is still within the period of 1 year.

I don't really know about the cost. Some says it took up to RM1000 for 3 injections. But there were promotional events that offers RM500 for the vaccines. But if we see it from the bright side, comparing it with the cost of our lives and also the cost of leaving our children and family members behind, it worth much more than that. And i think in future, the cost of the vaccine will be reduce. The government should do something about this right?

But something came up as I was writing this. I discovered a website that told us not to take the vaccine. Oh it scares me. But I don't think they are medical professional. I guess they were just trying to make money. But then, if you readers have something to share, please do so for the sake of the women in Malaysia at least.

Lastly, consult your doctor in case you're worried about the side effects. I am sure they will relief you with some good answers. As for me, since the vaccine is still new, I might wait and see for a little bit more. I hope it won't be too late for me then.

Health is the key to happiness.

mrs. cekodok.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Seoul 2 : Day 1

Day 1 starts at 10 am. After a simple breakfast (selfmade of course), we started our journey to Dongdaemun. It's freaking cold in -7 celcius without glove, earmuff and enough socks, plus the wind; we really hoped that we could find some at Dongdaemun.

From our guesthouse, we walk about 200 meters passing by interesting shops around the Hyewa area towards the Hyewa station (line 4). Hyewa is located nearby Sungkyukhwan university, thus it's lively with young people from early in the morning until midnight.

Hyewa area - Full of cute valentines goodies~

Hyewa subway station
Korean people always offers to help us first even if we don't ask =D

Since we planned to stay for a week and mostly travel by public transport, we immediately bought T-money card for each of us as soon as we arrived at Incheon airport. You can buy it at grocery store or minimarket such as 7-eleven or family mart for 2500 won or 3000 won. Each card need to be charged for certain amount. You can save 100 won for each subway ride of you use this card. This card can also be used in Taxis and buses.

Dongdaemun station is only one station after Hyewa. If it wasn't because of the weather, we might just walk to the market. Dongdaemun market/Dongdaemun Shijang is a large wholesale market divided into several area such as fabrics and clothes. The Korean name "Dongdaemun" means "Great East Gate", and it was named because it was the major eastern gate in the wall that surrounded Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty. The gate is located at Jongno-6 ga in Jongno-gu. Fashion designers or tailors might be overwhelmed coming to this place because it has a lot and lots of fabrics, korean silks, threads, ribbons, lace, beads, sequins and other things u might want to put on the clothes u designed.

Or if you're not one of them, u might want to buy a bulk of cheap and cute socks or even skin color socks or cute pajamas that is definitely cheaper and higher quality than in Malaysia. There are also shopping complexes opened up to 4.30 in the morning around that area. The clothes are cheap, but don't forget to haggle!~

After looking around, we found a matching gloves for me and hubby, black for hubby and pink for me of course~ hehe

Dongdaemun market

Next, we walk along the freezing Cheonggyecheon stream. During other season, u might find activities around here especially in the night such as light festivals. Poor thing we cannot see them, well maybe we should come again! :D

Then, we walk quite a distance towards Changgyeong-gung Palace. The entry fees is 3000 won. Not so much to see there,just took a few beautiful pictures and left because it's getting darker and colder. I think Gyeongbok-gung in gwanghamun is a lot more worthier because they would show us some performance of changing guards, but later we found out that there were no performance in winter. So, we don't have that much regret. There are about 5 interesting palaces in Seoul and they are pretty much similar. So if u have gone to either one, don't really mind going to the others unless u're a really ancient history lovers. I would suggest u do some research on the museum in Seoul that has free entrance such as National Museum of Korea.

It was just 5 o'clock but the sky is getting darker so we need to go back to the guesthouse. Pray and have some rest. Later that night, adul and wahab decided to just stroll around the Hyewa area and me, hubby and ateh go to myeongdong. Myeongdong station is also at line 4, before Chungmuro. Myeongdong is very lively at night, and luckily that night, we bumped into some competition or performance of groups of boys dancing to the Kpop songs. Well, it was not so bad.

Myeongdong is a tourist shopping attraction. But it doesn't seems to attract us that much, of course because they are not cheap! aha! The goods are much more expensive than in Dongdaemun, namdaemun an edae. Some people say, it is suitable for tourists coming from Japan, US or other higher currency rate country.

But it is still interesting to see the night life of Seoulite. Good night Seoul!

Seoul 1 : Accommodation

We accidentally met Adul and Wahab in Incheon Airport and follow them to our first accommodation in Seoul, the Bong's House. We took airport limousine bus No. 6011 to Daehangno and drop at Sungkyunkhwan University Station. It was seriously cold that night and we tried to search for the guesthouse as fast as possible. However, we really have no idea that "Seoul is a city with hidden alleys" which means that there's a lot of small alleys full of similar shops, bars and stalls that won't make it possible to search a place without a specific direction. We were like standing in the middle of the junction (in that freezing breeze of course!) trying to figure out which way to go but that was just useless~

In the end, we asked for some help from local people and luckily, a young couple ( I dont remember their names) was very kind to help us even though they didn''t really know where the place is. They tried to search in the navigator, found the Bong's house tel. no, and called them to get more specific direction. And they even guide us to the place in the middle of the cold night. May god bless u both!~

Finally, we reached the Bong's house at almost 12 am. But they still open the door and greet us happily. Adul and Wahab got a room for 45 000 won which is 22 500 per person and me, hubby and ateh got a 10% discount from 20 000 to 18 000 won per person for a room for 3. Our room was complete with a washing machine and a small kitchen just nice to cook some instant noodle or porridge. But the heater was not working that night so we were like sleeping in the fridge..haha..but the next day, we manage to meet Mr. Bong and he gave us a much better heater. Thank You :D

We stayed there for 2 nights and then moved to Windroad and Windflower GuestHouse for a less comfortable but a lot cheaper place. For the next 4 nights, Adul, Wahab and Ateh got room rate for 3 at 15 000 won per person and me and hubby at 17 000 won per person. Well as I am the account manager for the trip, I count every penny that can be saved coz 1000 won wasted is equal ro RM3.00. So if we can save 5000 a day, times 4 nights, times rm 3.00, we can save up to RM 60! Adul and Wahab can save a lot more don't they? So thanx to me for being so calculative~

A thing that you should know is Bong's house and Windflower guesthouse is just next to one another. And there's a few more guesthouse around that area such as Golden Pond guesthouse, happyroad, Backpacker's inside, Goldfish GH and a lot more. Please do some research before u go. For me, for a comfortable and lovely place, you can stay at the Bong's House but as a traveller, if you just want a place to sleep with shared kitchen facilities to make your breakfast, you can always go to Windroad GH.

P/S : Please get the specific direction that usually can be found in the Guesthouse's website to avoid the same silly thing happen to u in the middle of the night~ :D

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bulan madu di awan biru: sinopsis pengembaraan cinta Siri 1

Salam. Setelah 3 minggu lebih menyepi kini aku kembali sihat untuk mencoretkan perjalanan manis kehidupan di laman maya. Berbagai dugaan melanda kami bulan lepas. Walaupun dilanda gelombang denggi, aku pada mulanya berfikiran negatif yang kami tidak akan dapat melaksanakan pelan bulan madu yang telah dirancang rapi oleh isteriku. Berkat doa dan jagaan rapi oleh keluarga mertua, alhamulillah aku dan isteri dapat menjana kembali platlet darah yang selama ini lemah hancur dimamah virus denggi.
Pelan rapi disusuli kajian terperinci telah dirangka oleh isteriku berbulan bulan lamanya. Pelan bulan madu di negara Winter Sonata, Korea. Cukup teliti. Beliau telahpun mahir menguasai bahasa negara tersebut dengan hanya menonton filem pendek dan menghafal bait bait lagu! Cukup kagum. Apa saja kumpulan yang wujud di Korea, semuanya meniti laju dibibir beliau. Rahsianya mudah, lagu K-pop di siaran 705 dan KBS movie di siaran 391. Dan tidak dinafikan, aku sendiri sudah mahir menyanyikan lagu lagu korea dek terpengaruh dengan isteri sendiri. (T_*)V
Pengembaraan kami dsusuli bersama oleh jurugambar setia kami, MSI dari photophenomgraphy studio. Kehadiran MSI satu anugerah kerana beliau secara automatik dilantik ke jabatan logistik membawa barang barang kami yang semestinya tidak sedikit. Stok makanan mewakili 64% dari jumlah berat bagasi. Maklumlah, pergi ke negara yang tiada nasi lemak mahupun roti canai ini perlulah dilengkapi dengan bekalan makanan halal yang mencukupi. Bekalan makanan halal seperti mee segera dan bubur segera dibawa cukup untuk hidup selama seminggu.
Perjalanan 4595km menaiki Air Asia X mengambil masa 6 jam. Kebetulan pula, seorang warga Korea duduk disebelah kami ketika penerbngan. Berbekalkan sedikit ilmu bahasa korea yang dimiliki, isteriku menyapa lelaki yang duduk disebelah kami. Mr Choo nama beliau. Aku hanya angguk dan geleng sahaja kerana sukar faham dialek English beliau. Isteriku mendominasi perbualan. Mungkin beliau teruja berjumpa warga Korean. Hehe. Sepanjang perjalanan di altitude 30,000 kaki dari paras bumi, aku hanya lena dibuai kebisingan enjin jentera terbang dan sekali sekala dikejutkan oleh pramugari pramugari cantik yang sibuk mengedar makanan dan menjual barang di kabin.
Kami disambut manis oleh kedinginan malam di Korea pada suhu -1 darjah celcius. Sampai saja di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Incheon, kami terus menebalkan lapisan fabrik dibadan. Tidak tahan dengan suhu ekstrem ibarat hidup di dalam peti dingin beku. Pastinya reseptor epidermis kulit mengalami renjatan suhu yang kritikal. Pertukaran cuaca dari suhu selesa panas di Malaysia kepada suhu takat beku ais di Korea. Aku begitu kagum dengan seni bina moden lapangan terbang Incheon. Begitu moden dan mesra pengguna. Tidak hairanlah lapangan terbang ini dinobatkat lapangan kedua terbaik di dunia. Menolak jauh KLIA mahupun LCCT yang aku sangkakan sudah begitu moden.
Setelah selesai urusan kastam dan sebagainya, kami meneruskan perjalanan ke bandar Seoul. Ketika menunggu bas, kami terserempak dengan 2 jejaka melayu ini, Adul dan Wahab yang kelihatan begitu mesra pengguna. Setelah bertukar sapa, aku isteri dan msi menandatangani memorandum persefahama MOU bersama Adul dan Wahab. Kami setuju gerak bersama sama ke Seoul kerana malam sudah larut disertai suhu yang kejam mencengkam reseptor kulit. Kami mengambil kesempatan ke atas mereka kerana mereka tahu Guest House mana yang hendak dituju. Dan mereka mengambil kesempatan ke atas kami kerana isteriku pandai berbahasa korea. Proses simbiosis berlaku. Shukur Alhamulillah kami sampai ke distinasi Bong Guest House walaupun hampir hampir sesat.
Sepanjang 6 hari di Korea, kami menetap di Bong dan Windflower Guest House yang begitu selesa berhampiran dengan penempatan pelajar pelajar Sungkyungkwan Universiti di Hyewa. Kawasan yang begitu meriah ibarat Jalan Bukit Bintang di KL. Kadar penginapan di Guest House 15,000 won seorang. Dalam Rm45 sehari. Layanan dari tuan rumah begitu selesa. Boleh memasak dan membasuh pakaian sendiri kerana di bilik disediakan dapur dan washing machine. Mode of transportation kami di Korea adalah menggunakan subway. Stesyen subway Hyewa hanya 200m dari tempat kediaman kami. Mudah untuk bergerak ke satu destinasi ke destinasi yang lain.
Antara tempat menarik yang kami lawati sepanjang 6 hari di bumi salji ini ialah Nami Island tempat penggambaran filem popular tahun 2002, Winter Sonata. Kami berkesempatan merasai titisan salji buat pertama kali ketika di Nami Island. Teruja dan jakun pun ada juga. Terletak kira-kira 1 setengah jam dari Seoul, kawasan Nami Island begitu romantis buat pasangan bulan madu seperti kami. Selain itu, aku menyambut ulangtahun kelahiran ku yang ke 25 di Namsan Seoul Tower. Begitu gembira apabila isteriku menguncikan kata kata cinta dan ucapan hari lahir pada ketinggian 1500 kaki pada paras laut disaksikan kedinginan malam pada suhu -7 darjah celcius pada A Lock Of Love, kawasan kunci cinta di N Seoul Tower. Sambutan ulang tahun yang paling unik pernah disambut selama 25 tahun hidup kt dunia ini!

to be continued

-end of part 1-

anda mungkin mahu lihat ini

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