Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Attention to all women : Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Last Monday, I watched "Vitamin" in KBSWorld. It's basically an informative program on health issues. That episode was about CERVICAL CANCER which attracts me more since it's specifically talks about women. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in Malaysian women and also the second to breast cancer that kills women worldwide.

Harald Zur Hausen
Nobel Prize Winner of Physiology and Medicine 2008

One thing that I captured from the program is that people who has family with urinary cancer need to be cautious since it increase about 10% of the possibility to get cervical cancer.And person who did not give birth or breastfeed before 30 also have higher chances since they have more female hormones(Please correct me if I'm wrong). And there are more risk factors that can get you into cervical cancer but the most known factor is HPV. Thanks to the German Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Harald Zur Hausen who conducted a research that helped to link HPV to cervical cancer which eventually leads to the development of the vaccine to prevent the disease. And as a matter of fact, cervical cancer is the only cancer with vaccination. Alhamdulillah. May Allah give them guidance to produce more vaccination in future :)

This vaccine is illegible for women from 9 to 55 years old. U can still take it even if you have got married with children. It haven't been proved that it will be harmful to pregnant women, but it is advisable not to take them when you are pregnant. There are three injections that should be taken within 6 months.

1st injection - 2 to 3 months gap - 2nd injection - 2 to 3 months gap - 3rd injection.

But in case you got pregnant after the 1st and 2nd injection, you can still continue the 3rd injection after u give birth as long as it is still within the period of 1 year.

I don't really know about the cost. Some says it took up to RM1000 for 3 injections. But there were promotional events that offers RM500 for the vaccines. But if we see it from the bright side, comparing it with the cost of our lives and also the cost of leaving our children and family members behind, it worth much more than that. And i think in future, the cost of the vaccine will be reduce. The government should do something about this right?

But something came up as I was writing this. I discovered a website that told us not to take the vaccine. Oh it scares me. But I don't think they are medical professional. I guess they were just trying to make money. But then, if you readers have something to share, please do so for the sake of the women in Malaysia at least.

Lastly, consult your doctor in case you're worried about the side effects. I am sure they will relief you with some good answers. As for me, since the vaccine is still new, I might wait and see for a little bit more. I hope it won't be too late for me then.

Health is the key to happiness.

mrs. cekodok.


Anonymous said...

if x silap
vaksin HPV yg 3 dos tuh hny berkesan kalo tidak pernah buat SI
sbb tuh MOH target budak2 form 1 utk terima dos HPV tuh sbb umur2 time tuh blom terdedah lg kt gejala sosial? (untung gile depa..satu dos pun dh beratus..adeih)

kalo org yg dh pnah buat SI pula, atau dh kahwin selalunya akan buat ujian pap smear.

owh..rncgn vitamin itu sgt tuh tgk psl wt management..mantap~ hehe

mrs cekodok said...

owh, mmg biasanya kalau dah kawin boleh buat pap smear..

tapi bak kata Dr dlm rncgn Vitamin tu, it takes a lot for something to win a nobel prize.

Vaksin tu tetap berkesan kpd org yg dah buat SI or even yang dah beranak pinak. Untuk wanita mengandung pun boleh cuma kurang disyorkan sebab belum ada kajian terperinci.

Mereka juga buat kajian terhadap remaja lelaki umur 13-15 thn yang ambil vaksin tu, ia mengurangkan jangkitan pada kemaluan.

Anonymous said...


depends kt practice sesebuah negara jugak lah kn...
msia policy target remaja wpn kajian ckp selamat n berkesan je kt prgkt umur lain

thanks for sharing mrs cekodok! ^^

mrs cekodok said...

u're always welcome!!~ ^_^

anda mungkin mahu lihat ini

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