Friday, March 11, 2011

Seoul 1 : Accommodation

We accidentally met Adul and Wahab in Incheon Airport and follow them to our first accommodation in Seoul, the Bong's House. We took airport limousine bus No. 6011 to Daehangno and drop at Sungkyunkhwan University Station. It was seriously cold that night and we tried to search for the guesthouse as fast as possible. However, we really have no idea that "Seoul is a city with hidden alleys" which means that there's a lot of small alleys full of similar shops, bars and stalls that won't make it possible to search a place without a specific direction. We were like standing in the middle of the junction (in that freezing breeze of course!) trying to figure out which way to go but that was just useless~

In the end, we asked for some help from local people and luckily, a young couple ( I dont remember their names) was very kind to help us even though they didn''t really know where the place is. They tried to search in the navigator, found the Bong's house tel. no, and called them to get more specific direction. And they even guide us to the place in the middle of the cold night. May god bless u both!~

Finally, we reached the Bong's house at almost 12 am. But they still open the door and greet us happily. Adul and Wahab got a room for 45 000 won which is 22 500 per person and me, hubby and ateh got a 10% discount from 20 000 to 18 000 won per person for a room for 3. Our room was complete with a washing machine and a small kitchen just nice to cook some instant noodle or porridge. But the heater was not working that night so we were like sleeping in the fridge..haha..but the next day, we manage to meet Mr. Bong and he gave us a much better heater. Thank You :D

We stayed there for 2 nights and then moved to Windroad and Windflower GuestHouse for a less comfortable but a lot cheaper place. For the next 4 nights, Adul, Wahab and Ateh got room rate for 3 at 15 000 won per person and me and hubby at 17 000 won per person. Well as I am the account manager for the trip, I count every penny that can be saved coz 1000 won wasted is equal ro RM3.00. So if we can save 5000 a day, times 4 nights, times rm 3.00, we can save up to RM 60! Adul and Wahab can save a lot more don't they? So thanx to me for being so calculative~

A thing that you should know is Bong's house and Windflower guesthouse is just next to one another. And there's a few more guesthouse around that area such as Golden Pond guesthouse, happyroad, Backpacker's inside, Goldfish GH and a lot more. Please do some research before u go. For me, for a comfortable and lovely place, you can stay at the Bong's House but as a traveller, if you just want a place to sleep with shared kitchen facilities to make your breakfast, you can always go to Windroad GH.

P/S : Please get the specific direction that usually can be found in the Guesthouse's website to avoid the same silly thing happen to u in the middle of the night~ :D


Anonymous said...

salam huda,

nk tny, windroad kan..bathroom attached or shared dgn yg lain eh?


mrs cekodok said...

salam ajlaa,

utk windroad tu ktorg berlima dpt mcm satu apartment, ade 2 bilik. Me n husband got room for 2 and ateh, adul n wahab got room with 4 beds. Dlm apartment tu ada stu bathroom ktrg share berlima shj, xdela share dgn traveller lain :)

is that answer ur quest?

Anonymous said...

yep..menjawab soalan..hehehe
tqvm huda! xtau nnt org tny lagi :)
thanks a lot


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