Friday, June 17, 2011

Choi Sung Bong

Who is this Choi Sung Bong? He has moved the hearts of many including me and hubby. You can see his video here.

And this is his graduation picture and life story in korean.


1993 - He was left at ‘Chung-Un orphanage’ located in Seoul, South Korea by his father.

1995 - He ran away alone after beaten badly by some people in the Chung-Un orphanage. Got on express bus to Deajun, South Korea by chance arrived at Deajun Terminal. Started to live on the street nearby the Deajun Bus Terminal selling gum, drinks, baked sweet potato, and doll. Since 8years old, delivering newspapers, milk , physical labor etc .

2002 - He saw a vocalist singing at a night club and decided to become like him and stared looking for somebody to teach him ( no word how long of his search was taken ). Anyway, he finally found one Jungso Park , South Korean vocalist who also run a small private art educational institute in DeaJun. And with his help Sung Bong was able to attend DeaJun Arts High school.

2007 - He was hospitalized in Kunyang university hospital in Deajun due to his untreated car accident injuries which had occurred 2 times while he was living on the street for last 10years. (Sungbong had no government insurance or couldn’t afford to pay The hospital raised fund to pay up Sungbong’s hospital bill and Sungbong sang for patients in the hospital at the fund raising event)

He wanted to go to university but he just can’t. Intuition fees in South Korea is very expensive moreover he hardly make his living. He ‘s still working to make a living all by himself doing hard physical labour like a porter , loading and unloading at a warehouse , port etc.

Looking at his life story, it made me realize how lucky we are to have parents to feed us and home for shelter. Somebody's out there might be going through the same situation. I hope they will survive just like he did.


cEro said...

ada tgk video dia...
sape sangka org nasib malang mcam dia ada bakat camtu...

mrs cekodok said...

so true..kat luar sana mgkin ada lagi kanak2 yg sdg mengalami kesukaran mcm tu...just hope they'll survive...

anda mungkin mahu lihat ini

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